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wonderful mp experience

after playing on numerous ffs servers, i finally found one i really enjoyed playing on. i won't say which, since i don't want everyone flooding it.

almost all the servers i've played on annoy me to some extent. i prefer to use the lightsaber exclusively, so i get tired pretty quick with servers that have all weapons enabled. i don't whine though. i usually just try to find a saber-only server. even so, many of the ffs saber servers have their own share of problems. mostly it's a mob of people swinging their sabers around trying to hit something. boring. i try to challenge people to duels, but a lot of times they're uninterested or too dumb to realize what's going on.

anyway, i found this 8-person server with the admin actively playing on it. when your saber is off, no one is allowed to attack you. likewise, you can't attack anyone (force counts as attacking, obviously). even though it was ffs, it was a lot like a duel server, with everyone else having their sabers off and watching the duelers. but we were free to fight on our own if we wished. a lot of courteous people on there as well. after every duel, we'd complement each other.

playing on this server has been the most satisfying mp experience i've had yet, and i hope it stays open.
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