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Name : Varan Torel
Race : Human
Sex : Male
Profession : Ex-Bounty Hunter turned Dark Jedi Master
Bio : Varan is between 5'9" and 5'10", has a slim/muscular build and wields a red saber (of course) and a blue saber (yes, two sabers). He is pale and has extremely bright green eyes and has dark brown curly hair that falls in ringlets about his shoulders. He usually wears black because most other colors make him angry. He's pretty much crazy by most people's standards, but only because he doesn't care to take control of himself. He believes only in his own gain and will use people as he sees fit. He can be extremely pleasurable or extremely vindictive and ferocious. In battle he is a terror. He generally only uses one of his sabers, but if he's really pissed or feeling particularly pissy he will bring out his other. It's not really known where he was born or who instructed him, but of course there are rumors. none have been backed by proof though. He tends to stay in the shadows observing people, only letting them see him when he's sure that he could win in a fight. The one thing he hates more than anything else is losing, be it in a fight, a game, or just flat out not being the best. it drives him into a frenzy and he will do anything to better the person he feels threatened by.
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