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Also need help running a server

I have called Lucasarts and tried reading the message boards but still am confused. Since this is a raven game and SOF was a raven game I remember the editing the command line in the exe file but I cant get a server to run to save my ass on here. I was told by the lucas arts people that to turn the DEDICATED SERVER on would mean that you can only spectate and that I had to go through some mombo jombo like the following (The specific UDP ports that Jedi Outcast uses are 28060, 28061, 28062, and 28070 through 28081 (inclusive.)

Can someone give me an idea how to play a store bought copy of this so i can set up a server that IS viewable to others and have them be able to play as well as me. THANKS ALOT FOR ANY AND ALL HELP.
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