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Googly, nice job. It looks great.

I got stuff to start mine the other day. Still finishing the fine points, though I have a basic idea and design already.

I looked at sabres on the web and got ideas of what looked good or not and how some things worked together. Added some of my own ideas, perhaps a bit to ambitious for my first try. We'll see. I didn't want a clone of anyone elses. I drew some diferent designs and am still changing minor details. I would definetly suggest designing beforehand and writing down what you can use for each part. Makes it easy. I must say though, once I got to the hardware store, my idea changed as I saw all the goodies and I probably redesigned 75% of it on the spot in my head.

I think it will be fairly cheap to build one(if you have the tools), even with electronics. I think $25 would be on the high side. I wouldn't know about Googly's blade, that probably cost a big part of his budget(I just looked, $187 !!! ouch). I have everything for the hilt and it cost me $5 so far.



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