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I forgot to say this...

No one had every power. You only had certain amounts of force points to spend and the more powerful groups of forces only let you choose two from them. I think the last one may have been limited to 1. (Im refering to how there was four colums of force powers - 4 forces in each colum. So if you wanted "X" skill and "Y" skill you had to forfeit "Z" and "W" skills. Rather customised really. And a nice way to make the opponants mroe unique then the Light/Dark powers as you had only 8 to choose from with the same number of force points you use them on. It could be 10 I forgot which amount.

PLUS there was a way to use both lower-level Light and Dark powers anyway.

Also another thing about force powers... Force Jump into the air and use Force Pull on people - not very light jedi like is it? You can do it on civilians too if you wanted to. Surely Pull and Jump are the ways of the dark side of the force! :P
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