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Maybe even a kind of team based Co op?

In other words, make a series of largeer maps...

Have up to say 6 players on two teams.

each team has a limited number of spawns, to get more you need to rack up kills...

Each team has a Bot pool of sorts.

for example, the rebel side has rebel bots, and light jedi as player characters.

the dark/reborn/remnant side has various bad guy bots, or just storm troopers, and dark jedi with dark force powers.

the bots simply spawn as they always do, in various locations around the maps. you can capture a spawn point by capturing the flag for that location by taking that flag and running it to your home base. once thats done the flag is returned to the location, so the other team can take the spawn.

the bots when killed give you say X number of points, where Y number of points is needed for each spawn of the player.

killing another player gives you Y points each kill.

Taking a spawn base, gives you say double Y points.

Bots will fight eachother, and anyone or anything on the oposing side.

the game ends when either the enemies flag is taken or one team runs out of points, OR the time limit is reached.

Possibly even make turrets usable on the home bases for those so inclined.

Make it possible to set the players to either play as a Jedi (no weapons other than the saber and force powers) or some kind of hero character with no force powers or lightsaber, but player style health and shields.

Make the bots, as easy to kill as in the SP game and poof... instant cool team based co op game, with lots of strategy, and excitement for the whole family.

you can kill bots, capture flags (only players can do that), Kil other players ETC. It would end up playing like a movie almost. you would have say 1 jedi for every ten bots.

Now maybe this would be too much for the game engine, but god, now THIS would be my idea of some cool team based co op!

firearms made Co ops like this, where if you didn't have enough players, bots would replace them, and others did exactly the kind of thing I am talking about without the inclusion of points or flags, just objectives ETC.

i just wonder if the JKII engine can handle it?

Oh well just an idea

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