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Originally posted by TCPVIP
UT? Sure, I've played it on my PS2 C'mon, the Flechette (sp?) Cannon is the only thing that ties JKII to UT. Net code? Anyone remember when Unreal I came out? Ut dosen't have lightsabers...
The guy wasnt making any comparrisons between UT and JK2 at all so why are you.

Unreal Tournament is THE definative Multiplayer FPS every games publisher should be looking at this game for inspiration.

Unfortunately after 2 and a half years it is becoming old hat, thats why I am here, for something different, something to pass the time until UT2003 comes out, and I found this Jem of a game.

If someone would just take note of UT different game modes and produce something similar for JK2 it would be outstanding. In particular JK2 requires Oblective Style Gameplay, it has none at all.

Put it this way ... Something needs to be done pretty damn quick or its gonna join the ranks of the also rans.
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