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uhm insert subject here

What I think is this, there is a difference between whining and critiscism.

the problem is too many people whine, and too few people really think enough to even understand the word critiscism let alone think before they talk... (and yes I can't spell for ****, sorry but I can't

so what is whining?


We need a saberist code so that nobody can take advantage of me while my saber is off!!!

What isn't whining?

the other day while playing this awesome game, my experience was kind of darkened by the fact that this guy was spamming this move over and over that I hear is called (insert force power, weapon type or style here).

I don't mind that being in the game, but I think this game has balancing issues, anyone else think so? great game so far by the way.


Last night some guy did a DFA attack and I stubbed my pinky toe in the saber he had stuck into the ground, and was clearly not moving anymore, and I flew back ten feet and died instantly, even though the DFa move was obviously over!

I think this game needs to get the hit correction fixed in a patch so this kind of stuff doesn't happen, it's kind of a silly bug, and is being exploited like MAD! LOL.


I think (insert saber style, force power, weapon whatever) needs better balancing because:

all of these examples are not whining. to me whining is unthought out, silly emotional spats... not simply complaints about obvious errors.

The people who whine are annoying sure they are, I'd join you in a posse to round em up any day of the week...

but you know what? why do you take such great offense at people who don't like the same thing you do?

what I'm trying to say is, if someone has a problem with the game, and discusses it, in a non emotional way, or non insulting way, why flame him and jump all over them like they said your mom didn't pay them last night for services rendered?

I know I am forgetting that most people who play these games these days are less than half my age (child of the 80's... or something...), and thus don't have as highly developed senses of interpersonal relationships, but that still doesn't account for whining on both sides of the fense...

what we need is mroe discussion, about game flaws AND perks, there is a fine line thogh between discussion and whining... make sure you know the difference... there IS a difference...

If you think I am whining I don't really care, to me you are the whiner because you can't take my opinion like an adult...

the intelligent people here will see what I am trying to say I think... I'm not sticking up for the whiner, but I'm not saying it should be open season on people who think some things could use improvement in the game either.

Has all the possible flaws of the game been mentioned before? I doubt that they haven't been talked to death by now, but that doesn't matter.

hopefully without offending anyone let me illustrate.

Aside from racial/nationality biggots, does anyone here think that the American colonists where whining when they revolted against the brits?

Now I know this is just a game, but if nobody has the balls to mention an error or bug, or some game imbalance, it's hard to say if Raven would notice them. sure maybe they don't come to the forums, but who knows!

the point is, burn whiners at the stake, not people reporting game imbalances, or bugs in a rational manner... If you do that, I'll be the one tying the whiner to the pole... every time... thats my job, thats what I do...

We all have to die, the only question is... Do you want it on your feet? or on your knees...
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