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Buy this game. So LucasArts can make more, thats what I say. If everyone had broadband and pirated the game, LucasArts will look at their profit and go "HOT DAMN! We made $10.00 on this game!!" and not make JK3 or 4, or patch it, or care.

What will happen is the death of PC gaming. As they move towards areas that SEEM more profitable, for the most part I have found that most people don't know how to copy for example a PS2 game. I think that is why PS2 games appear to be yielding a higher profit for companies.

If piracy gets REAL BAD, I'm willing to bet the only kinds of games available for the PC in the next 2-3 years will be MMO (massive mulitiplayer online) which will require you to pay per month to play their game. It's a shame really since the PC is a much better platform than any console, JK2 with its online play proves it.

I know most PC games you can't rent, buy, or try. In some cases I'll admit I have snagged a ripped copy of a game to try it. BUT if I DO LIKE IT, I'll go get it. keep the books manuals and everything. I have a good size collection at home of like 55 games, dating back to MW2!! and some that I have tossed away.

No one's rich, so its stupid to fork over cash for every pc game known to man just to keep the industry alive, but pirating games hurts all PC gamers in the end.
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