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Let me tell you something guys.

Do you know that there is no box game in most of west couintries like Turkey.In turkey you can find JO for just 1 dollar.ONLY 1 DOLLAR...There are much more serious problems.This countries goverments accept the illegal copies of this games and allow anyone to copy and sell them.Did you heard that before? So the problem is too serious? I paid 45 (euro) to my JO but a guy in Turkey just pays 1 dollar to have a copy of JO and play it free on the net.I dont why Raven allow them to play it on the net , why didnt they make a CD-KEY.Yeah Turkey's economy isnt so good and everyone cantgive 45-50 dollar to a game but Raven could make a price for them like 15-20 dollars.If they did this at least they could make some profit and also they could show respect to us who paid this game 45-50 dollars to buy by doing that.Am I wrong?
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