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I think instead of just having the standard missions be co-op, though I'm not complaining about that, I would really like to see a game do something special with co-op missions. Some sort of mode where you are split up and need to accomplish certain things in seperate parts of the map to help each other get to a common point... or maybe you would need to give your commrade a boost by having him leap off of you to reach a certain ledge... I dunno. I am sure there are lots of ideas that really utilize co-op play and don't just throw you into the same sorts of situations you find in single play.

Think about it... there could be an NPC boss that needs to be double teamed in some way to be beaten... instead of you both just wailing on him with sabers. Something to sink your co-op teeth into and not just do the same ole progress through the level, throwing switches type of play.

I think it would be cool anyway...

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