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So by breaking the law originally and then buying yourself a copy you think you are ok right?

Dude, you still broke the law. You still downloaded an illegal version. A stolen copy. Sure you bought a legal copy. You aren't using it, you are saving it to be a collector's item. Do you realize how stupid that sounds? Do you know how many copies of the game were produced? How many copies of the Collectors Tin were produced? Do you seriously believe that anyone in their right minds is going to pay you the face value of the amount you paid for the software in 5 years? In 10 years?
If so, I feel for you and your deluded state.
And to come on a message board where the Dev team reads posts and to post freely that you downloaded an illegal copy of the game is not just stupid it's asinine.

You need to rexamine your thought processes because you've missed some rungs in your ladder of logic.

The contractors on the second Death Star knew the risks when they took the job. All contractors have to take these things into consideration when they take a job--Clerks
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