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Right!!!! (as if the Devs would need no-cd cracks. You crack me up! LOL! They Wrote the damn thing!)

You obviously didn't read some of their posts from the threads that were going on in the two weeks before release when the only people that had the game WERE the warez kiddies.

[/SARCASM] You are so smart, they were so Supportive of the warez folks, they encouraged them, they wanted them to play, they wanted them to take money out of their pockets, they wanted they to squander the time they had spent over the previous 2 years on the game, the 80 hour weeks, the no weekends and no time off...[/end SARCASM]

These guys spent 2 years of their lives creating this games for you. If you stole it, that's right, STOLE, as in didn't pay for it then you are a thief pure and simple and no amount of rationalization, no twisted logic can change that fact.
I don't care if you buy a copy after the fact, it's still theft. You don't go into a grocery store, take food and tell them you'll pay them in two or three weeks if you like the food.
Sorry, software piracy is wrong. End of story. Thanks for playing, we have some lovely parting gifts for you.

The contractors on the second Death Star knew the risks when they took the job. All contractors have to take these things into consideration when they take a job--Clerks
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