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Originally posted by Fyunch Click
So by breaking the law originally and then buying yourself a copy you think you are ok right?

Dude, you still broke the law. You still downloaded an illegal version. A stolen copy. Sure you bought a legal copy. You aren't using it, you are saving it to be a collector's item. Do you realize how stupid that sounds? Do you know how many copies of the game were produced? How many copies of the Collectors Tin were produced? Do you seriously believe that anyone in their right minds is going to pay you the face value of the amount you paid for the software in 5 years? In 10 years?
If so, I feel for you and your deluded state.
And to come on a message board where the Dev team reads posts and to post freely that you downloaded an illegal copy of the game is not just stupid it's asinine.

You need to rexamine your thought processes because you've missed some rungs in your ladder of logic.
lol the collectors item thing is a joke duh!.

what are the devs going to do? sue me for downloading something that i had paid in full since december? I think not. I own their game. I just got to play the single player a few days before you.

whos to say im not just braggin? whos to say i really didnt just make an image off the retail cd and use that. The point is, right now im using a legal backup image that allows me to not worry about the cd in the drive BS and also protects my CD from damage.

I wouldnt be surprised if one of the devs leaked the game in the first place. It has happened before (not necissarily by raven but other software devs have admited to leaking to the warez scene).

Bottom line. I paid in full for JK2 before it was ever released. They have my money. That is all.
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