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ooooo...secret.. J/K of course. Anyway, if I want to duel, I go to a duel server. Simple as that. FFA is exactly that. I used to play exclusively Duel servers until I got a little tired of dueling for hours on end and wanted to try something a little different. So I went to one of the many Saber only Jedi Master lvl force servers out there. Now previously I had hated servers with Force powers enabled because I had always tried to have fun with just the light side, but this time I just said screw it and loaded myself up with lightning and drain. Lemme tell ya, that was the most fun I have had playing this game. Running into a group of people and spraying them all with lightning. A few would die right there since they had been fighting already. After the lighting I put my saber skills (which I have pretty much perfected on the duel servers) to use and took out a few more people, draining for health as I needed. So now I like FFA and Duel games. Still don't care much for CTF in this game, though.
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