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Time to re-earn my title as the Top XWA Instructor

*wipes dust off of uniform*

BATTLE 3: Mission 6: Rendezvous with Defector

* Craft: X-Wing
Shield Rating: 50 SBD
Hull Rating : 20 RU

* Mission Objectives:
FRG Redemption: Return to fleet
Locate Imperial defector

PREVENT: FRG Redemtion: Destroy

* Bonus Points:
(250) Destroy 100% of Imperial Starfighters
(250) Destroy PLT/6 Outpost DX-11a
(500) Destroy ISDII Subjugator

* Opponents:
Imperial TIE-Fighter Squadrons
Bulk Cruiser
XQ6 Platform (no defenses)
Other non-threatning ships like CTRNS, SHU

Imperial TIE-Fighter Squadrons
Imperial TIE-Interceptor Squadrons
Imperial TIE-Bomber Squadrons
Imperial TIE-Advanced Squadrons
Imperial Star Destroyer II
Imperial Interdictor

* Difficulties:
Large numbers of TIE's?

* Tips:
First attack the T/F's and then proceed with the PLT/6. Once the shuttles depart, go ID them at once! If you find the defector too late, he will hyper out of the area.

Once you are back at the frigate the ambush will be launched. Engage in the dog fights and keep an eye out on those T/B, who are the biggest threat to the FRG. Don't stare yourself blind on them either, you got to make sure you survive the attacks of the other TIE's, so divert your fire power to them (if necessary).

The INT Restrainer should be taken out as quickly as possible. Reload your torpedoes on board of the CRS Liberty, if necessary. Once the INT has been destroyed, you can concentrate fully on the dog fights with the other TIE's. The T/A should have launched by now too. They are harder to take out since they have shields.

one things you shuld note when firing Torps at captal ships.. for long range shots you should fire them without getting a lock (also called Dead firing) target something else or turn off your CMD to do this.

Good luck, and clear ether pilot!

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