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Originally posted by Kurgan
Allow me to reiterate, that our official site policy is to discourage software piracy, especially of LEC games, since they're our friends and visit our sites regularly.

We reserve the right to edit or ban any postings we feel are inappropriate on this subject.

Raven and LEC put a lot of work into the game. If they could implement some protection to cut down on the number of pirates clogging the servers, I'm all for it.
no offense mr kurgan but i mean come on wtf. clogging the servers? jk2 isnt exactly tearing it up in the number of people online category. i agree raven deserves all the money they can get BUT. I dont think it was ravens call on this game. LucasArts, if worried, could have easily licensed the Q3 authentication scheme. I mean for christ's sake there isnt even a CD key for JK2.

An after purchase patch IMO is no place for including some sort of piracy prevention. That should be in the retail release or not at all. Dont waste time trying to patch in this stuff when you could be working on more game content.

just my $.02
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