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Originally posted by scoobydoo
Having bought the game, I'm always annoyed at having to have the original in the drive when I play; I use the machine for other things during the day, watch the odd DVD, etc, so I did find it useful to get the no cd patch which allows me to put the disk away in the box.

This, unfortunately, allows less scrupulous people to make a pirate copy. Even though most hacker teams encourage you to buy software if you like it, I'm sure the majority don't.

Does anyone remember when software manuals postively encouraged you to make a backup before installing it ?
you advocate no-cd as both a tool for convenience for owners and piracy for non-owners. But you fail to see that a pirate can have a cd too 'burned copy' and the most common and most damaging form of piracy is when an owner lends out his copy, which gives that person an actual cd as well
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