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Originally posted by MankaCat

you advocate no-cd as both a tool for convenience for owners and piracy for non-owners. But you fail to see that a pirate can have a cd too 'burned copy' and the most common and most damaging form of piracy is when an owner lends out his copy, which gives that person an actual cd as well
you dont need the actual CD. Just download the image and use daemon-tools to mount the virtual CD image.

But this is all beside the point. The authentication piece of Q3 was never instituted in this game. I think lucasarts wasnt willing to pony up the cash for this. Or it was removed so lamers can use the zone.

Either way its not there and none of you should feel sorry for the developers. If they were concerned or if raven actually had a say in it, the autentication scheme would be in there. To date according to graeme divine(im not spelling that right probably) from iD software no one has succesfully cracked the Q3. The Q3 master server approach IS used in SoF2, a Raven only game. Which leads me to beleive Lucas either said no or didnt want to pay.
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