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AMEN to that Raith!

Demangel, very well said mang!

My System......
-WinXP Corp.
-350w PS
-Maxtor 40GB HD x2
-Crucial 512MB pc2100 ram x2
-EPOX 8kha+ mobo(latest bios & VIA drivers except VIA BM IDE)
-Atlon TB 1.4mhz cpu
-Thermalright SK6 copper HS w/ YS Tech 7500rpm fan
-Visiontek GF3 Ti500 VC(23.11 drivers)
-SB Audigy gamer SC
-Sony 56x cd-drive
-TDK 16/10/40x cdrw-drive
-Klipsch Promedia V2-400 speaker set
-Logitech Internet Navigator KB
-Logitech Mouseman Duel-Optical mouse
-Samsung 900IFT 19" Monitor
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