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Smile Why was my post moved?

Ok maybe it was more of a suggestion/feedback thing. But I that that criteria also meets the general discussion forum. PLUS I did post it on both anyways

Now I noticed that should i put it....."regulars" or "enthusiasts" are very quick to tell people who post suggestions/ideas in the valley of the jedi to post in the feedback forum, BUT these people along with many people post suggestions in the valley of the jedi (THIS FORUM).

Like I said though I posted it on both, I think it meets the criteria of both, AND nobody reads the feedback forum

"The gathering place for only the finest Jedi in the Galaxy. General discussion arena for Jedi Knight II enthusiasts."

Well my thread (the one im talking about is the unbalanced team games) I think meets the criteria of General discussion. It was a discussion, and I wanted to see replies in this forum to fine tune my ideas/see what people thought.

Please move it back
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