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its somewhat funny to hear people talk about warez on this forum. theres a very clear cut line between those who are knowledgeable and people who are clearly blathering about something do not understand at all. in case you haven't noticed, there is a big difference between what's morally right and what's technically legal. i preordered the game, but downloaded it early. that's right, i did. raven got my money because they deserved it, and did i great job on this game. but i wanted to play it early, so i downloaded an iso... is that technically illegal, yes. is it morally wrong and does anyone care, no.

for christs sake, that guy flaming the dude for doing the same thing is a moron. its not our fault that you don't know how to do the same thing, and we got to play it a week early while you stared at your mailbox. im a software developer myself, and i can tell you right now that playing a game and not buying it makes you a dick. but as long as raven gets support, and i get to play the game, i don't see what the problem is.

as for no-cd patches, these are used to a great extent by legit software owners...i have dozens of games that ive purchased all over my desk, and if you think i want to hunt down a cd every time i want to play one, you're nuts. any cd protection would have been cracked in 2 minutes and just annoyed legit users (or stopped some from getting to play, in the case of cdkeys.) some people are losers who d/l games and never pay...but guess what, you can't do anything about it. just know that you paid for yours and play guilt free. put away your junior anti-piracy deputy badge and join the rest of us in the real world.

oh yeah, better delete all those mp3's sitting on your harddrive as well. you theiving bastard. hehehe.
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