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A request to all those making duel maps

If you are making a small map for duel mode can you make it for duel only - not ffa as well. I've just seen another nice released map ( g_arena_x) that looks nice, but it won't be running on my server.

The reason is this: I run 2 jk2 servers, one is set for duel mode with no voting, the other is set to start on ffa but voting is enabled ( and I've seen it go through all the gametypes although jedimaster doesn't seem too popular ). I don't use a mapcycle as then it becomes iffy setting it up to deal with the voting, getting the maps to suit the gametype. Rather I use the g_autoMapCycle option to cycle through all the maps that are designed for the gametype.

However this means that maps like g_arena_x and duel_academy ( another nice map ) will not be running on my server, for if I put them in for the duel server they will also be used in ffa, and my personal opinion is that they are too small for 20 players.
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