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actually these tool are much better adn world craft is half assed to these.. these ahve much more options, the ability for round surfaces, and other stuuf... .but.. u can still use workd craft(this is a theory by a 15 yr old, use if u wish..)
just make ur map "lay out" in WC, then once you have made it, save the .map file, and you can open in jkradiant to add entities and stuff(this is all a guess!) or if this doesnt work, what you could also do is, get one of the older versions of the world craft, once for quake2, then you make ur map in that, get a q2 to q3 map converter, opent he newy converted map in jkradiant, add your entties....

again this is all a theory, soo not 100% sure if this wil lwork.
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