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Help me with this please.

I have a question which is pretty hard to put into words since I don't know what the procedure is called but here goes.

When you are finished with the map there is one final step left, atleast it was in the quake 2 engine games, to take in order to make the map run faster and give whomever played it a higher fps.

I'm not sure but it might have been called 'zoning' the level or 'sectoring' it or whatever, basically you defined which area could be seen from another area or something like that. Well that's the best I can do, especially sine Engligh isn't my native language...

Is there anyone out there who might have an idea about what I'm talking about, and could you tell me how to do it?

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Another question: What's up with the compile options. When I choose to do a FastVis(1/2) bsp it's completed in 2minutes and 20 seconds, which is fine. But whn I chose to do a FullVis nothing seems to happen and after a half an hour (28 minutes) it hasn't completed the build. What's up with that, should it taka so much longer to do a fullvis or is something wrong?

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