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*Cracken is in his meditation chamber, practiceing ancient Sith Healing tecqniues.... suddenly, his com beeps. a message from the field. Machines whir and the chamber opens and the chair swivles to the view screen. General Gohl is standing with Commander Veers*

General: My lord, it appears the Deac being has flead with assistannce from some sand people, it should not be... *The General Gasps for air*
Cracken: You have failed me for the last time, General, Commander, more re-enforcements are being landed, all Imperial Assault Troops are under your control, destroy the Uber weapon and Deac and these sand people. Do not fail me... General Veers.
*The former General Gohl now collapses in a dead heap on the floor, and now General Veers rubs his throat mildly*

Veers: Of course my lord. *transmission ends*

Veers:.. Alert all commands... regroup and commence final assault on the Annhilatoron.

*Epcot center is now the sight of the largest Imperial Invasion since Hoth, artillary raining down and killing many of these resistance sand people*

Officer: General, the target is within range!

Veers: Good, target and fire with maximum firepower!
*The entirety of the Imperial forces fire 3 mighty salvoes at the Annhilatoron, leaving nothing more than a smoldering crater....... but where was Deac...?*

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