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I've just put in a few area portals (the ones you use inside doors to limit what the engine can see.) but that's not what I was thinking about.

Here's another take on explaining what I'm thinkigg about:

Like in Vampire, when you make levels in that you really should use sectors, what you do when you use sectors is that you make every room into a new sector so if you have like 12 rooms connected with each other in a circular pattern (every room in the position like a number on a clock) and stand in room one (sector one) the engine doesnt draw room 3-9 (sector 3-9) because there is no way they can be seen from where you stand. Field of vision or whatever.

This means the engine doesn't have to draw the whole level all the time, it just draws what can be seen from the position you're currently at. I'm not sure you have to do this in a Quake 3 engined game, this is the first time I'm mapping for it, but the option was there in Vampire (and I guess other Q2 Engine games).

Anyone know anything about this?

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