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Fortunalty the Fremen, after he had called upon backup, had accindently dropped his radio causing it to hit into Lord Cracken's com link frequency. As the radio lies there on the floor Deac and the Fremen listen to the communication between Lord Cracken and his general. The Fremen then Says:

"Nooooo!!! My men are out there !!!"

He quickly picks up his radio and calls everyone to pull out but this doesn't stop a great number of the Fremen's men to fall on the devastating strike as they despretly try to get the hell out of there. the Fremen receives this radio message:

"We need to Evacuate Sir! *Interferance* We are like baby worms being squached over here !! S.O.S ! S.O.S! Oh noo *sizzle* AHHH !! *pchhhh* OH MY GOD MY LEGS !! MY LEGS !! MY *message terminated*"

The Fremen and Deac have vision of horror and the unconfortable silence is interupted by the Fremen:

"We can do nothing more for them. How the Hell did Cracken know where the uber weapon was? Let's go while they are still recharging their main weapons."

As they head out they manage to destroy many Evil Jedi Harrkonen units and Cracken Troopers with their bad ass sub laser sub mahine bazooka weapons and the help of the remaining Sand People.
They are about to enter the Epcot Gate when suddenly Deac and the Fremen realize that everything is silent, too silent:
Loading their guns, the Fremen says:

"I smell a trap"


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