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*The Dark Lord shuttle acends to the planet, as he hear's his comlink chirp*

Admiral: Sir, we're getting reports that primitive lifeforms have invaded some of the fleet.

Cracken: Primitives should be no match for the your forces. elimenate them in close quarters, use what ever means necessary.

*Cracken abruptly turns of the comlink. Meanwhile, across several of teh ISD, bitter battles between the elite Remnant Armed forces and the Fremen. Blaster fire is exchanged, and meny fall, but the Imperials' experience in close quarters combat is too much for the Fremen, and hope is being lost.

Meanwhile, Cracken's shuttle lands and he greets Genera Veers*

Cracken: General, status report
Veers: Most of thier ground troops were decimanted in you ariel bombardment, Deac managed to evacuate the zone, but we have tracked him.
Cracken: Good, organize a strike force, i will carry the flag. Leave Deac to me.
Veers: Sir.

*Cracken fingers his lightsaber fondly, it's been too long. droids are one thing, but another human opponent is another. The Dark Side is strong in him, as much as it was in the fallen Emperor. No matter what kind of God Deac thinks he is, nothing is more powerful than the destructive power of teh Force*

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