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From the walkthrough I'm currently writing (Finished this section less than 20 mins ago)

There is a circular floor lift you need to head down. The room below looks intimidating but it is unusually simple if you are good at jumping. Open your datapad and look at the code you need to activate. There is a console with a code in most of the rooms but there are only 3 you need to concern yourself with. The correct Red code is located in the room directly to the left of the entrance. You will need to do a little jumping to get there but nothing you shouldn't be able to handle by now. Activate the console with the red code and proceed out. Your next objective is the green code on the level below. Drop down and hit the green level. The room you are looking for now is directly on the right of the entrance. It is probably the most difficult room to get safely out of as there is no lip on the doorway but should still pose little problem. Activate the code and drop to blue level. The room you now seek is the one opposite the entrance in the centre. It can be tough to get to sometimes as it's easy to be disoriented. Once there, activate the code and proceed back to the lift. In the comm access room, enter each colour coded room and activate the code panel to lock the code in. You can now use the comm panel to call in the cavalry.
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