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Encouraged by Deac's fine Pep Talk, Zassek orders for all flyng units reach Lord Cracken's Fleet and try to Board them:

"What the heck, we got nothin' to lose!"

They manages to board a couple of ships of the invading fleet, that's when this happened [Quoting from Cracken's post]:

*Blaster fire is exchanged, and meny fall, but the Imperials' experience in close quarters combat is too much for the Fremen, and hope is being lost.*

As hope is being lost, Zassek has only one solution left in mind, to call upon that person he mentioned earlier who owes him a big favour. Before Deac's curiousness he reveals a strange looking Alien device, Zassek explains:

"You can call this a *special* radio if you wish..."

Zassek then pushes a button and starts talking to who ever is in the other line:

"En Taro Adun Executor, I call upon you for desperate help. I Hope you have not forgotten what you have once said in that once apocalyptique day I aided you..."

A reply, a strange voice, is immediatly received:

"I remenber thee, we have been watching, and waiting for you Zassek. but thee surely remember what will be the consequences of our intervention"

Zassek then Says:

"We've got nothin' to lose..."

And in the middle of Lord Cracken's imperial fleet appears an entire unknow and massive fleet. Some of Lord Cracken 's ships that havn't been boarded are paralized in surprise and quickly destroyed by this fleet...

Zassek receives yet another message from the alien device he holds:

"Teleport succesful. My fleet is at your disposal. But remember the consequences...En Taro Adun Zassek!"

"En Taro Adun Executor!"

Zassek then turns toward Deac:

"We've got help, extra infantry are going to be teleported and boarded in Cracken's fleet. If you spot something alien looking that you've never seen before DO NOT shoot! they are the Protoss, our allies!"

He then says to himself:

"At least for now..."

He then yells:

"LET'S GO !!"

As they continue battle within the fleet, killing several enemy troops and eagerly awaiting the Protoss boarding...

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