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Sensor officer: Sir, we have unknown contacts appearing right in the middle of the fleet!

Admiral: Impossible. Destroy them immediatly, concentrate all turbolaser fire on the new threat!

Stormtrooper: Sir, unknown enemy infanty have boarded our ship!

Admiral:KILL them! Seal off the bridge, launch all fighters!

*The war now kicked up one notch, the fighting grows more intense, off the starboard side of the Yamato the ISD II Devastator can be seen exploding, and in it's death throes as it plunges toward the planet. TIE Defenders and the new retro-fitted TIE Advanced-B, a new better bomber type, fight the new agressor's fleet of carriers.*

Captain: Sir, thier carriers carry no weaponry, if we pull along side, we could give full board sides with no retaliation.

Admiral: Do it!

*With new hope, the Imperial Fleet attempts the old tactics, pulling right up next to the carrier and letting loose full board sides.*

*Meanwhile, the Imperial Army closes in on Deac...*

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