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Ok, my new charachter for the RPG's.

Name: Atex Dinn
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Homeworld: Coruscant
Age: 21
Appearance: Young man, has dark red jump suit. tall, blond hair.
Bio: Son of Mika-log Dinn. an old Jedi with weak powers. He died 2 years ago. Atex doesnt have any powers at all. His uncle and Aunt were killed and his Nephew Corzip Dinn was still out there somewhere. Atex grew up on Coruscant right in the middle of the Empire. he worked at a large spaceport for a local transport company. Atex was a slicer. he could get in almost any computer system he wanted to get into. and with that he had enormous technical skills. he had made droids for his mother to help her in the house and with her work. her mother had become very sick. and Atex had to help out with her. Atex made the money to provide him and his mother. But she was getting worse.
Atex didnt have any friends and hadnt had any weapons training.
owns: an R2-D5 droid and a protocol droid TC-16.
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