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[Yo Deac, don't exagerate too much on the GOD powers or this thing wont last... ]

As the Lord Cracken's Imperial fleet let's go of all it's fire power upon the Protoss fleet they discover with absolute astonishement the massiveness, greatness, unimaginable and horrorific technological advance of this fleet that is unknown to them: THE LASERS SEEM TO BOUNCE OF THIS STRANGE AND INVISIBLE FORCEFIELD that equipes all vessels of the Protoss fleet!

Since Lord Cracken's Imperial fleet fired almost simultaniously all laser fire power on the Protoss fleet those same lasers bounce back in unpredictable directions towards the whole area. A very large number of the fired Laser are hence bounced back towards Lord Cracken's Fleet and fighters causing serious and heavy damages and losses.

Unfortunatly The boarded ships are also victim of this force field's never seen before power and a couple of Fremen and Protoss are injured or killed along with Lord Cracken's men, these men, Lord Cracken's men, who suffered 91% of the total lost lives. 9.5% were Fremen, warned by Zassek to take cover after he realized the imperial fleet was firing, and the 0.5% left were the Protoss Zealots who had more chances of surviving because these soldiers are aslo equiped with this horrible force field.

After this Shaky experience Zassek helps Deac to get up and says with a grim smile on his face:

"Now they know why the Protoss Carriers need no weaponry"

They move along, progressing in the bridge of the boarded in search for more Imperial evilness to destroy.

Only Bombs, Missiles or Torpedoes fired from the Imperial fleet seem to have some kind of effect on the shield, they do not bounce back but it isn't sure if they cause any damage...

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