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*Warning klaxxons scream all over the Yamato 's bridge. Crews scramble to secure hull breeches. For the first time, these men taste fear*

Admiral: CEASE ALL LASER FIRE, CONCENTRATE ALL TURBOLASER FIRE ON THE INTERCEPTORS, TELL THE FIGHTER TO PENETRATE THE SHIELDS OF THOSE SHIPS AND BLOW THEM UP FROM WITHIN! *comchatter* I don't CARE if it's impossible. If the Rebels can blow up our greatest achievment in military technology with fighters, our TIE Defenders should be able to destroy a few carriers! Full power to shields, kill the engines and shunn all power to the shield and weapons, i want nothing getting through!

*Meanwhile on the ground, Deac shows off his powers to the Sith lord, whom is not impressed*

Cracken: you are over confident in this new power you have. Mastery of the Force is greater than these primitives have to offer.

*With a burst of hatred, Cracken send out a massive burst of vengeful electrical energy like a nova from his being, wipeing out many Fremen, countering Deac's attack loss for loss*

Now, you die!
*Cracken unhooks and ignights his lightsaber, and rushes Deac, and slashes! The DUEL IS ON!!!*
(Deac, let's keep this interesting, Mano-e-mano, while the armies fight)

*More Fremen are pouring into the Area, as are Imperial Ground Forces, matching eachother in open combat. Imperial Walkers start thier firing, decimating the Fremen. Suddenly a gigantic worm erupts from the ground, taking several Troopers with it. The fighting is bitter and harsh*

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