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Post The War from the Pilot's perspective....

*Commander Fel, leader of the elite 121st fighter squadron, has seen many a sight, but not such as this! Imperial Firepower proved useless against the new threat, and new orders came though*

Beta2: ORders?
Fel: Moveing, and penetrate the shields, the apear to be ray only, and destroy them from within.
*His TIE Defenders shields glowed with a new impact, and he jerked his ship into a climb, and rolled down, getting the slower and less menuverable inerceptor in his sights, and destroying it*

Beta4: are you nuts,a squad against those?
Fel: Rebels can do it, so can we, move.

*one at a time, the squad souned off a yessir, and moved in, dog fighting thier way to the first carrier. Moving past the shield, a new wave of intereceptors headed thier way.*

Fel: Lock on to a srtong energy source, that should be thier main generator, find it and destroy it!
beta5: I picked one up, can't shake him!
Beta6: I'm on him..... got him
beta5:Thanks Ghost.
Beta6:No prob 5.
*The Interceptors were met with resistance, and Fel and Beta 2 slipped away, on a lead for the power genertator. After a few brief moments, they were on it*

Fel: Fire Protons, i'll get Cons, you fire, i'll delay 6 sec. GO!

*Beta 2 speed ahead, and fired his protons, and curved away, on an exit vector, The Prontons, pirced the shielding, and hit square on, but the Generator was still in tact, Fell's Concussion missles also hit, and vaped the reast of the generator*

Fel: 121st, we are leaving, vector to the next ship. Command, this is 121st, we've found the weakness, transmitting target data
Command: We read you. Hurry up, Fel, our Star Destroyers are having a hard time.
Fel: Rgr.

*The 121st speed away toward the nxt scarrier, leaving the destroyed one in flames.*

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