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*Disturbance in the Force*

[oos yes this will be cool, no, i'm not gonna be evil. Ever hear "The Ends Justify the means"? that's what I'm about..../oos ]

*A cloaked man walks up behind the group*
You need not that ale.

Odin: I need not this ale..... wha.. hey, stop that!

*The cloaked figure smiles, and turn to the guards... guarding the Shuttle*
You guys are good, but you are not Jedi yet.

*The cloaked figure calmly walks up the the guard...*
You will leave this shuttle to me.
Guard: What?

You will leave this shuttle to me.
Guard:.... i will leave this shuttle... to... you....
*points to the guards*

You all need to go to sleep.
Guards:we all need .... to... sleep.. *yawn*
*The guards now fall to the floor, tired, and wery. Cracken smiles, and begins to wlak up the ramp. He turns*

Well, are you coming?

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