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At last Lord Cracken reveals himself and Zassek sees him rushing towards Deac. Zassek was about to help his close ally when he just stopped and said to himself:

"I must not interfere in a Jedi duel, It is the Sacred and Holy for them to lightsaber duel each other without any exterior help, it is the Jedi way and I must respect it"

He turns towards Deac:

"I suggets you remove your armor for more agility."

He walks way with his companions and turns his head back one last time:

"Good Luck and hurry, this place is falling a part and everybody is about to evacuate... I'll see ya outside."

He headsoff , leading his Fremen and The Protoss Zealots towards the main hangar so they can leave this Destroyer before it becomes mere star dust. A long their progression Zassek and his men leave several bombs in the cleared areas so they can have a garantee that this thing will really blow up once they escape.
More Battle rages on as they nearly arrive in the Hangar and more Fremen are lost but at least the Imperial troops are the one who suffer most, they and their blasters seem to be useless againt the mighty Protoss Zealots...
Zassek starts giving the orders towards other boarded ships to get the job finished before he can order a full Protoss fleet strike on the Imperial fleet.
Zassek sayd to himself:
"I hope Deac will get out in time when the time comes..."
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