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I agree totally with you said.

The beauty of the game was what set it apart from other adventures. The idea of walking around the fantastically serene and magnificant landscapes that no-one has walked on for countless years was quite, as you put it, magical.

Now I do feel that it would be impossible to capture the same feel if you returned to that spot on Cocytus, and if you went to another environment other than Cocytus, it would be hard to make the story true. I mean, I don't think we could just up and make The Dig 2 about different aliens on a different planet.

Perhaps they could return to a different part of the planet that's having some troubles, and the story could be interwoven with the parts of the planet that have been repopulated by the Cocytians returned from Space-Time 6.

The sequel can't really just be a remake of The Dig, it has to have progressed from the original game.

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