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Post The War from the Protoss outerspace perspective

The Protoss's fleet weakness had been discovered, it was time to change Strategy. The Protoss fleet Executer, who was surprised that such a primitive race and technology could cause him trouble, had started to get things back in order:

"En Taro Adun to you Carrier Executer"

"En Taro Adun Executer, what is thy biding?"

"Proceed to Defensive code sen5 and attack code hesen6. For Adun!"

"For Adun!"

The Carrier executor orders all carriers to turn their ships in specified directions so that the generators can be the most out of reach from the Imperial fighters as possible. He then proceeded in ordering, for the first time in this battle, to the launching of Scouts, Fast Attack Fighters, leaving the Interceptors that were so far the only ones out their with VERY big help.

"To Scout Executor and squadrons Sam, Sa and Shib you have permission to take part in the battle. For Adun!"

"This is Scout Executor and leader of Shib squadron, permission received. For Adun!"

The mighty Scouts fly into battle and in less than a minute after the first undescriptable unknow "lasers" were fired 9 imperial fighters had already been destroyed.

"This is too easy! I pity this race and their ridiculous technology. I gain no Honour in battling against them!"

The word Ridiculous was perfect to discribe Imperial fighters compared to the Protoss Scouts

"Scout Squadron Sam, insure that the Carriers do not receive anymore projectiles that can harm them. Ignore the Lasers, they have no effects on our Plasma Shields. Squadron Sa Head for those Destroyers, but Only those that are tagged in Red on your Screen, those are the ones who have not been boarded or that have already been unboarded. My Squadron, Take out all fighters! And watch out for those missiles and tropedoes, they are the only thing that can harm our shields, even if they do not cause much harm they can still be dangerous. For Adun!"

Squadron Sa had quiclky destroyed their first destroyer but this was because that destroyed was already almost a part because of their lasers that had previously bounced back on them. Sa Squadron were heading towards a second one.

The imperial fighters were left hopeless against these Sam squadron scouts that seemed like Death that wanted to reap their souls. The Carriers were all safe and left alone because all Imperial forces had already their hands full with these Scouts that seemed to be everywere in the same time. The imperial fighters were quickly awar that laser had no effect and alas their only hopes, the missiles and torpedos were too slow and not enough. Against the Protoss, the Imperial striking force had only battled against Weaponless Carriers and mere Robotic Interceptors BUT NOW they had met what seemed to be their ultimate doom: The Scouts.
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