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Post The War from the Fremen planet perspective

It would be completly false to say that the Fremen/Protoss Forces were doing as good in space as on the planet. They could not take any kind of advantage over the evel Harkonnen and Imperial troops for one simple reason: They didn't receive the Protoss's help. They weren't even awar that their Commander had called upon the Protoss, earth/space Communication was jammed. But that didn't stop them from giving Lord Cracken's army a harsh time. The Fremen were thankful for ownning worm callers and Psi-emiters. The SandWorms were their main weapon. Keleyx, Zassek's right arm, proceeded in giving orders after spoting Troopers coming their way:

"Let's Try and concentrate those troopers in on the Psi-emtiters so the Worms can take care of them! I'd say that group has about 50 men, if we're lucky the worm can swallow them all in the same time"

Four of Keleyx's soldiers proceeded in catching the ennemies attention by fireing upon them:

Afterwords they run back and wait. Keylex Observes then slowly smiles:

"It Worked. Get Psi-Emitor A324 working now!"

The specific Psi-Emitor is activated and they wait. That is when: [Qoting from Cracken's post:] *suddenly a gigantic worm erupts from the ground, taking several Troopers with it*:

The scenes of violence became so recurrent that the mear sight of death numb the mind from fearing it.

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