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*The Army scattered, the Space war going badly, the only one appearing to achieve any success is the Sith Lord himself, who has been beating Deac unmercifully.

Despite Deac's best attempts, the Sith Lord's power is too much, and on several occasions, his powerful swings has almost knocked Deac over.*

You cannot win, you will be dead, and soon i will personally crush your insignifigant rebellion.
*Deac, furious at the Lord's taunts, wildy attacks the Dark Lord, and Cracken parries every blow*

*In Space, a different story unfolds. The Imperial Navy is being hammered, and quickly runing out of projectile weapons. Another Star Destroyer sacrafises it's burning hull to crash into a Protoss Carrier, taking itself and the Carrier with it. Pilots engage the new fighter threat, but with signifigant losses. The scouts prove most menuverable, and cannot gain signifigant advantages.*

Weapons: Sir! Proton and concussion missile reserves are critical, i don't think we can hold position much longer!
Admiral: Keep at it, any ship that doesn't have ammunition is to kamakazi the enemy, we can;t let them win!
*The Admiral turns to the communications officeer*
Call in the Death Star, We'll evacuate the Lord and blow the planet up itself!
*The Communications tech relays the order, and the Death Star, floating on the Edge of the system, engages it's hyperspace engines, in moments, it's amist the battle, launching it's fighters and salvo's of missles at the enemy*

(Death Star)
Officer: Sir, we have begun charging the Superlaser, 14 minutes untill full charge.
Permission to fire at will

Commender:No, wait until Lord Cracken is off the planet, then fire immediatly.
Officer: Sir!

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