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[Hey Cracken since when are you and Deac on the planet?? Zassek and deac have boarded your destroyer, the Yamato, remember?]

Zassek and his men reach the main hangar bay and are about to steal some fighters so they can escape the Executor class Star Destroyer that is collapsing from everywhere:

"Quickly men! take those Tie Defenders and Advanced, do not take the Tie Fighters, they suck! Watch out for ennemy fire!"

As he says this a troopers manages to hit his left shoulder, Zassek falls:

"Aaahhh Damn! I'm hit!...Ahhh! Go on without me, It's nothin'! Dogmeat, Attack!"

AS he says this, Zassek points at the trooper who shot at him. His vicious dog starts grownling and drooling as he heads for the terrified trooper who is paralyzed in fright. Dogmeat jumps, bites the throat, ripping it a part. The Trooper's agonizing scream is heard from almost everywhere. The Zealot captain helps Zassek to get up:

"You must come with us after all your men have evacuated, the Executor wishes to speak with you"

"Tell your Executor not to worry. But for now we have more important things to take care of"

Zassek continues to fight against some of the remaining trooper as if he wasn't injured and with the help of the Zealots who have no difficulty at all...

The Battle also continues outside:

"This is Carrier Executor, we have lost Carrier Kzey and Foss due to suicide impact from the ennemies"

"How primitive and barbaric, this defines well this specie. They don't even die in honour. You know what to do Carrier Executor. For Adun!"

"Yes Executor! To all Arbiter, you have permission to enter battle zone area. Your abjective is to protect all carrier by cloaking them and stopping any desperate ennemy Destroyer trying to collide with them. For Adun!"

"Orders received. For Adun!"

The Arbiters succesfully cloak the Carriers and all Protoss units located in its perimeter, this causes great confusion within the imperial force who can't understand what is happening. The Arbiter also make use of their Stasis Field to trap Kamikazi destroyers within a field.

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