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Meanwhile, in an other part of space, Protoss observers, the silent cloaked witnesses, spot the Death Star threat and alert the fleet executor:

"Significant ennemy target spotted. Transmitting coordinants and data information."

The Fleet Executor studies the data:

"Yet another primitive weapon. It is no threat to our fleet.

But one of the Fleet Executor's advisors warns him that according to the data it is not heading towards the fleet and the probabilities indicate it has 99.99% chance of striking Zassek's planet and it will be ready to fire in exactly 14 seconds...

"This is not good, Zassek's planet is the cause of our help. Although this weapon is primitif so are Zassek, his men and the planet. They do not have the proper defenses against this weapon."

The Fleet Executor immediatly contacts Elite Aerial Fighters Corsairs, even more horrific than the Scouts, to strike upon the Death Star.

"En Taro Adun to you Corsair leader. I need you to Teleport in the following coordinates and render this primitive weapon useless. They will surely not make use of this weapon until their fleet has evacuated the area because the Blast wave of the planet can destroy all of their fleet hence their Lord who is somewhere in there. For Adun!"

"En Taro Executor. Coordinates received, Teleport proceedure activated. Teleport succesful. Target spotted, beginning strike. For Adun!"

As swift as the desert wind the Corasirs head towards the Death Star. Resistance is useless and eliminated. The powerfull Corsair squadron move in and unleash their terrible never seen before weponry upon the Death Star, ripping it almost apart:

----Corsair Strike---->

The Imperial fleet surrounding the Death Star have only begun to realize what had happened, everything occured in only 52 seconds.

"Observers indicate the Death Star is still operational at 52% and can still fire. Observers aslo inform that the Weapon's power has been dramatically diminished and can no longer reach it's full potential. Squadron, prepare for sychronized U-turn and second strike"
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