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OK. I destroyed all the atst's (all 3 of them) then i dissed those shields. I added some spice to those ion guns and that EVAC came down. That door though. It still wont open, I have walked back and forth thoughout the game several times and came back. I have redid the mission 8 times and the same thing keeps happening. I tried that noclip code and went though and killed the stormies. But in the 2nd canyon theres a prob. Some jedi chick has jan and puts her in a landing craft. The other one ( the lizard of doom ) is a pretty big guy. Infact he is so big that he wont die. It got to the point were i unleashed 15 npc spawn jedi and 10 npc spawn jedi2 on him and he kicked em all. I tried that drive_atst and he reflects all my missiles and lazer shots back till i die. I did 3 hours of hand to hand ( more like my hand his lightning bolt ) with that god mode code. if i try the npc kill desann code he just laughs at me. what do i do.
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