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*Down on the Planet, the duel rages, lightsabers clashing, suddenly, Deac and Cracken feel a disturbance in the Force, and look sky ward. They can see shards of teh Death Star Raining down upon the planet. With Deac distracted, the Sith Lord maskes his Force aura and slipps away on a shuttle.*

*In his shuttle, Lord Cracken issues orders to the Fleet*
Cracken: Fire the Death Star At once, and leave this system, we will regroup at said co-ordinates*

*The Death Star, now beaten, but still operational, charges up is superlaser, Green Beams collect on the fireing dish, and a large beam strikes the planet. The ensuing laser impact vaporizes the atmosphere, killing millions, destroying both armies completly. The planet, still togeather, undergies mass volcanic eruptions. The Planet now is ripping itself apart!!
Deac, using the Force and his supernatural powers, shield his personal shuttle and himself from the Atmosphere depervation, and boards it and leaves to a Protoss Carrier, while the Imperial Fleet withdraws into hyperspace to an unknown location. The Death Star, unable to engage it's hyperdrive, starts on it's self destruct sequence.*

*The Planet explosed violently from it's own gravatational forces violently, damaging many of the cloaked Carriers, but none destroyed.*

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