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What happened on the Fremem/Protoss side while all of this occured? This:

As the Corsairs were preparing a second strike they realize that the Death Star was charging up:

"They are preparing to fire! Observers indicate that we have no time to stop it! Give me the fire potentiel the weapon can reach!"

"Optimal weapon potentiel is 43% of its normal total efficiency"

"Reveal destruction predictions aftermath and General planet status after strike, now!"

"Probabilities indicate that at 43% of weapon's efficiency targeted planet will have 87% of total surface destroyed. 64.0264% of total higher underground destroyed. 35% of total deeper underground destroyed. 3.0127% of core destroyed. Planet will lose 79.86 % of it's total lifeform. Planet will not be destroyed but rendered useless at 77%"

"Transmit data to all Executors! May Adun's Gaia have pity on the Fremens's doomed souls!"

"Data received. Proceed in teleporting all units located in boarded enemy ships to the Carriers. All Scouts and Corsairs are to get back in Carriers for precaution."

"Executor! we might not have enough time to teleport all Zealots back to the carriers!"

"Do it, for Adun!"

Meanwhile Zassek and his men on several boarded ships realize what is happening thanks to the Zealots:

"We are to teleport out of here due to this Death Star fire. You and your men arn't equiped for teleporting so you must..."

The Zealot didn't have time to finish his sentence as he was being teleported away. Zassek radios all oh his men:

"TO ALL FREMEN! WE MUST EVACUATE NOW! GET ON THOSE FIGHTERS and head towards the Protoss Carriers!!! Be sure to insert the specific Protoss codes I once gave you on the ship's computer or you won't be reconized by Protoss fighters! GO! Get everyone on those Transports! Go go go!"

Many are confused as they head towards the Ties and transports and leave the Destroyers, some of them make it some don't.

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