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Once Zassek is out, inside a transporter carrying many of his men, he realizes something awful:


"To all Fremen, we are cloaked, head towards coordinates 123:34:08 and our tractor beam will take care of the rest. For Adun!

Zassek radios all Fremen:

"You heard him! let's go!"

Many Fremen are left in Destroyers, unable to escape on time or access the Hangars. All Fremen survivors from the boarding of many Destroyers are about to arrive to the proper coordinates but that is when The Death Star Fires. Only a handfull of escaping Fremen manage to reach the Protoss Teleport Tractor beam on time and live. As for the others, unprotected from the Plasma Shields, they all die due to the blast and shockwaves. The remaining Imperial fleet had already Hyperspaced out of the area, some of the escaping destroyers still had plenty of Fremen inside.

"The Cowards! They even leave some of theirs behind to die"

All imperial units who were unable to Hyperspace were left to see death coming.

"Enemy weapon has activated self destruct mode"

"That doesn't stop them from being able to fire once more. One more Shot and the planet will completly be destroyed. To all Corsairs, follow my lead and destroy the weapon! For Adun!"

The Corsairs close in and destroy the Death Star. Its blast causes a second devestating Shockwave as the Corsairs teleport back to their Carriers.

The planet still stands but after such destruction is it still alive?

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