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*Cracken is brooding at the head of a long table. It is the meeting/briefing room for his Captains and officers of the fleet.*

Admiral: ... with 50% loss of all combat fighters, and a 25% losses in our capital ship fleet, we are running on nothing more than a rag tag fleet of ships. We must regroup at Kuat for refits. Our men should be able to store larger quantities of proton and concussion projectiles, and a new space bomb R&D has been developing.

Cracken: and what of the Sun Crusher Project at Maw Installation?

Admiral : *gulp* sir, Maw has been been terminated by the Republic by the Jedi scum, and the Sun Crusher was thrown into one of the Black holes, as waas our last Death...

*Cracken angerly throws his fist down onto the table.*
Cracken: Then where are we supposed to get a final fleet to destroy these intruders? That super laser was the only hope of wiping these Protoss out.... what of the Eclipse Class Star Destroyer Akira?

Admiral: Final outfits are being done at Kuat Drive Yards. It should be operational by the time we arrive.

Cracken: Send a burst transmission, tell them i want another Eclipse Class built immediatly, and put the Yard into full war time production.

*Cracken turns to his new General, General Eisenhower, and motions to him to begin*
General: My lord, all resistance has been wiped out, thier leader must have escaped before the jump to lightspeed. Our interrogations show tha these Protoss carry personal shield generators, and our blaster fire is ineffective. I've requisitioned older projectile semi-automatic and automatic rifles from Kuat to penetrate the shielding. Sir, if i may, this teleportation technology is rendering any of our vessles ineffective, it is to strech us thin to commit a ground assulkt while defending or naval..

Cracken: I want results. You can have your relics of ancient history.

*Cracken gets us and stalks out of the room, brooding on his loss.*

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