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[lol General Eisenhower, good call Cracken. And welcome to you Scarface2k2. BTW if your character survived the attack on the planet we are talking about know that it was an Imperial Death Star that destroyed it and not the Protoss. But in an other hand your Character may know nothing of this and think it was the Protoss who did it thus seeking to aid his Lord who was actually the only responsable of his near doom. Get my drift? so is this our planet or a new one?]

Meanwhile, inside a Protoss Carrier:

"Give me the aftermath!"

"We've lost 2 Carriers and 1 is heavily damaged due to the first wave of Torpedoe and missile fire, 3 Arbiters lost due to the blast and 11 Zealots bravely perished inside boarded ships, none where left or captured. As for the mechanized units we've lost 25 Interceptors and 12 Observers once again mainly due to the blast"

"I hope The Fremen in those escaped destroyers know who to be silent... How about the planet? and the Spice Melange?"

"About of 60% of its life form is destroyed and our observers scan that only the surface spice were severly destroyed and burnt out. The planet still has against all odds 80% of its initial spice"

Zassek arrives in the deck, injured from almost everywhere:

"Your Spice can wait Executor! I need to go down there and see if anyone survived. Where is Deac?"

"As you wish but you will surely be dissapointed, your race is surely extinct. Deac is in the meditating chamber, you should be in the healing chamber."

"Where I should be is down there Executor and that's where I'm going."

"Some Corsairs will bring you there"

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